Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mutton ...

Many years ago, I brought Janice and Esther to UK for a "preview" before they actually went there to study. I remembered that Stephanie was already in UK doing her first year.
When I was in Leeds, I brought them around town to do shopping. I bought a piece of mutton ...
... like what is shown in the above picture. Now, this piece cost about GBP6-8 per kg. It is true that this cut was expensive but the quality was good, tasty and tender.
Few days back, I bought some lamb shoulder from a big hypermarket in town. It was on offer at about RM17/kg, or GBP3+. When I brought back to have it cooked, the meat was so tough and we need to sharpen our teeth to eat! It is as if the lamb was a hundred years old!
I notice that the hypermarket also prepack a few slices together and to my horror, the bottom two slices, hidden from view were almost all fat! It was most discouraging for us.
The above was cooked by the girls! Thanks for remembering that we like mutton.

p/s: Meat from lamb is called mutton! Even I got it wrong at times!

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