Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mr Crocodile, we sacrifice for your freedom

The newspaper reported that the attempt yesterday was a failure in trying to catch the crocodile. The croc must be laughing at the human for being so naive. But the battle against the reptile is not without a price being paid. I counted five dead fishes... both big and small. There must be more under the platform which cannot be seen!
A big dead carp ...
Another big dead carp ... see the bruise inflicted on them.
A headless sultan fish ... I think the croc is the culprit here!
A dead sultan fish... see the bruise caused by the net.
There are now so few fishes that bread can be seen floating in the lake. Never before!
The worker fished out some of the dead fish. The red carp is about 15 inches long! So pity and such a waste. Mr Goh (canteen operator) complained that some of the workers miss-handled the fish when they were caught in the net.
Enough is enough! This way of catching the crocodile is causing more damage. All the beautiful fishes are almost all gone now! When there is no more food for the croc, the ecology is out of balance, and it will be a real danger to human. Perhaps, the council should built fence around the whole lake and turn this into a crocodile lake!


matthew said...

Sad to see this scene.Heavy hearted .Cant the authority sit down and think before drastic action is taken to catch the croc.?what a disgusting sight.

William said...

Matthew: you are right! So disgusting!

Sarawakiana@2 said...

I think there are many other more intelligent ways of catching the crocodile....(smile)