Sunday, September 25, 2011

Freak Accident at Pujut GK roundabout

Just now around midnight, a Naza Sorento 4WD (Korean car) was involved in a freak accident. The car was seriously damaged. The firemen arrived quickly to wash off all the fuel...
The car on its side
After it was put upright. Note that the front windscreen was smashed ...
I was told that the car jumped the curb (kerb) and the back wheel was ripped off!
See the back wheel ... there was nothing left!
The front right wheel was damaged also.
Ready to be taken away!
I was told that the driver was unhurt but in a daze. Is he drunk? I don't want to speculate here without evidence.

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Anonymous said...

So sad! thanks for the share, great pictures shared you! keep it up bro.

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