Thursday, September 01, 2011

feng shui 風水 Geomancy

I checked google translation and found that feng shui is translated to 風水 but not geomancy! So, are they the same thing? Anyway, that is not my concern.
Speaking very generally as they were sayings from my late parents:

  1. Do not block the front of your house, especially your main entrance, it must be clear. 
  2. Road must not "point" straight into the main entrance of the house; 
  3. Pointed roof or whatever is not good; 
  4. Kitchen must not face the entrance of another house; 
  5. Main entrance must not point to a road leading to another house; 
  6. Don't give away your own cooking utensils; etc... 
All this have to do with "wealth" and "fortune". Looking at ...
... this angle (from a house), it was envisaged that the good fortune might flow from one house to the other house (ie, if the saying is true)? So, to stop it, barrier must be built, eg, a tree could be planted (see picture above) or a wall could be built!
I know one thing for sure... talking across the fence is now not possible!
... Life is so interesting!


Sarawakiana@2 said...

The writer is my cousin and you might find his ideas very helpful.


ma said...

God is the provider;He shall bless .

lasapka said...

as long as there is feng shui for remedy, any house also no problem.