Monday, September 19, 2011

Developing country

We are supposed to be a developed country in another 9 years. The other day one of our ministers said that we have a huge natural resource of herbs. If we can harvest them and market them, this could turn us into a developed nation! I was just thinking to myself... China had been harvesting herbs for thousand of years and they have a remedy for all kind of diseases using just herbs. Yet they were still so poor until they open up their economy. So, to get rich, one must make money from others and not from one pocket to another. For a nation to get rich, the only way is to earn plenty of money from other nations like what China did. In this country, we have law makers who are blur... very blur!
Ok, for now, I just wanted to talk about local economy. When I was small, I paid 20 cents and I got a bundle of pau/buns. Inside, the filling was good and plenty. Now...
this gigantic supermarket in town is asking for RM3.99, ie, almost 80 pence, for 3 of these bun! When I open  up one of them, I was shocked to find the bread to be very loose and the filling was a miserable amount!
I just came back from my overseas trip and found that what they serve in their country was good. Ok, it was "expensive" for prepared food but the quality was far more superior! Isn't our cost cheap? I think the businessmen are profiteering! We should stop buying if we don't get value for money. Even at the reduced price of RM1.19, I will not buy them anymore. It is still expensive because the quality is bad!
Click on the above picture so that you can see the prices clearly. You will notice that the price is actually cheaper than Malaysia. Our labour cost is cheap and they pay 6-8 pounds per hour! What is happening to our economy?


Elvis said...

I've written an article about this issue too, with a more dramatic contrast:

ladyviral said...

that's the sad part for malaysia. everything is high in price. only salary is not.

it is actually hard to survive in malaysia :3