Monday, August 01, 2011

Last night in London

My trip to UK started on 9th July 2011 and completed on 31st July 2011. In the short span of three weeks, I took 4000+ photos and drove 2300 miles. Petrol along costed more than RM1000 (GBP254) as each litre of petrol cost an average of GBP1.35, ie, RM6.50! Fortunately, the car we hired are economical (mostly motorway driving). My calculation shows that each litre of fuel can cover 12.2 miles, ie, 20 KM to a litre! Anyway, I am suppose to talk about my last day in London here!
We set off from Leeds at 4:30PM, Friday, 29 July 2011, on time by Megabus and arrived at Victoria Station in London just after 9:00PM. We missed the 9:00PM National Express bus to Heathrow Central Bus station and the next one will depart at 10:30PM. After boarding, they found that a few people had no seat!! They had oversold the ticket! The bus company offered an alternative which will depart at 11:00PM arriving at 11:35PM.
I checked the connecting free bus (service 555) and the last one was at 10:00PM! However, a policeman told us that if we were "fast enough", we may catch the underground to Terminal 4 (T4). Not knowing the schedule is tough! We ran as fast as we could and arrived at the gate ....
... just to be told that we missed the last train by 5 minutes! By the way, the underground pathway is so long that it never seems to finish! What we didn't know is that the Central bus/coach station is actually at T3! An attendant told us that we could go to T3....

.... and so we did! To our surprises, there were a lot of travellers actually sleeping there and we were not alone! I slept on these chairs for three hours....
... and went back to the underground around 4:45AM. There were a few people waiting for the gate to be opened.
The train arrived spot on time at 5:05AM. We were off to T4 to catch Royal Brunei Airline which will depart at 8:35AM.
Internet at T4 is expensive! GBP1 for every 10 minutes!
When we arrived at T4, there were not many people. By 7:00AM, there were lots of people!
Drink is definitely expensive at GBP2 or 1.60 for a small bottle of Vitamin Water or coke.
I always thought that Heathrow operates non-stop. They actually shut down at midnight and reopen at 6:00AM. During the shut down period, there are a lot of activities going on.... cleaning, moving of things, etc. And the place is quite noisy!
By the way, the underground and bus transfer between terminals is free. Underground is a lot faster.
Ok, so much for this entry. I will post backward from now. Excess photos will be on my facebook.


Anonymous said...

I think the date 31August2011 is off... shd be 31st July. Wah enjoy so much ...... cheers


William said...

Thanks Malcolm. You are of course correct!

Yes, we did enjoy the trip.