Monday, August 22, 2011

Fruit picking

I was driving from Leeds to Harrogate and came across a fruit/vegetable farm. The season was on for all the berries. So, we stopped by and decided to see whether we can pick our own fruit... at 4+ pounds per kg. Of course we are not allowed to eat as we pick otherwise the farmer will lose money and eventually have to close down the farm!
This is my favorite .. savoy cabbage. We don't see this in Miri but I think it is possible to buy in Singapore. I like this to be stir fry with bacon.
Strawberry picking. Do you know that strawberry plant is very small?
Closeup view of strawberry....
We didn't pick a lot.
Raspberry ... another very small plant.
Pumpkin ... look, the plant is so small and bear so many fruits! Over here, the creeper crawls everywhere and bear few fruits. We should plant this here!
This is red currant (Thanks to Philip for the name) ... it is sour.
One English lady picked a whole basket of raspberry for making jam.
Gooseberry ... another sour fruit.
More strawberry, they are sweet.
Rhubarb ... the stalk is for making pie. My favorite also!


Filip Demuinck said...

It is a Frambose :-)


Philip said...

William, the fruit with no name is a red currant, very similar to the black currant. I had a bumper crop of strawberries in my garden here in the UK this year.


William said...

Filip, greetings and thanks.

Philip: Thanks. I also have the picture of black current. Perhaps I will post it later.

Strawberries ... oh, I love them. They were sweet and fresh when they are fresh from the farm.

mat said...

Any strawberries from London>?for sale?