Monday, July 11, 2011

KFC Malaysia staff in scandalous videos

This article appears in news. After watching the video, do you still dare to eat at KFC or for this matter, any fast food restaurant? I think I will still eat but less.

Please do not play the video if you are eating your meal!

Many moons ago, I went to the KFC near Public Bank in Miri town. The place smell disgusting, like a place infested by cockroaches. Ever since I don't eat at KFC! I don't know whether they have improved or not. Anyone knows?


Twilight Man said...

I also felt so disgusted after seeing it. Adoi, after change government, need to change KFC too. LOL

William said...

yeah... so disgusting!

wenn said...

my goodness..

Crystal said...

Many moons later, the KFC in city centre has been refurbished.
I don't know how a roaches infested place smells but the place definitely looks great and doesn't smell musty after the renovation.

online shopping malaysia said...

malaysia really many things need to change !