Thursday, July 07, 2011

Germiest public places

We all know that paper note or coin are very dirty. But what are the other places consider just as dirty or even dirtier? The following is the list:

1. Restaurant menus
2. Lemon wedges (Slice of lemon with your tea)
3. Condiment dispensers (Those ketchup dispenser you find at fast food restaurant)
4. Restroom soap dispensers
5. Grocery carts (The cart that you push around in supermarket)
6. Airplane bathrooms (Restroom in airplane)
7. Doctor's office

Surprised by the list? Read the detail here.


reanaclaire said...

Never thought of that! but i know the taps on public toilets also dirty.. hahaha.. the door knobs.. gosh.. seems nothing is clean la. no wonder our body antibodies are fighting off infection each day!

matthew said...

Table cloth in restaurants and ice cubes are popular for their dirtiness.