Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mr Sarawak 2011

18 June 2011, Miri: This evening we saw the conclusion of Mr Sarawak held at Boulevard Shopping Centre.

It was quite an eye opener to see all the muscle men showing off their big muscles. I have posted all the photos on my facebook. Click here and here and here to see the photos.
If you are interested to see my other albums, here is the directory of my albums.

If you are interested to have a copy of all the photos on CD, please let me know. It only cost RM20 + postage. The resolution is good enough to print up to 5R. Anything bigger, you need to order print from me, eg, 8R laminated cost only RM20. You may also hire me to take photos for you for any occasion.


matthew said...

Mr muscular.I like to watch them so much.?

Filip Demuinck said...

It must be very hard to achieve this. I prefer your previous article on the Iguana. I love the colours. But respect for these men.

William said...

Matthew, some women simply yell so loud! I think they were very excited with all the muscles!

Filip: Apparently with just three years, they can achieve quite huge muscles.
A virtual friend keeps reptiles at home and he seems very capable. We gave the iguana to him as we are not capable to love and take care of it!