Friday, June 24, 2011

John Paul Yiek and Lai Hui Ting Wedding

John and Hui Ting have their marriage vow on 10 June 2011. It was a very happy occasion for them. They are a great couple. I posted just some of their photos here which were taken two weeks ago...
Makeup session
Affectionately, they called themselves "the sisters"
When "the brothers" arrived, the sisters decided to have some games with them...
The brothers played their games well!
The groom needed to make pledges before he can go to her!
At the church
I think I will call them "The team". They have a good time!
He carried her into "the room".
Pouring the champagne together... 
... and "bottom up" at every table.
The groom, father and siblings.
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reanaclaire said...

A very nice and fun wedding! nowadays they really have fun during the wedding day, not like my time, so solemn and serious-like! :)

William said...

Claire, yes. But I think some of them went overboard!