Sunday, June 12, 2011

Accident outside SESCO

The place around SESCO is a hot spot for accident. Just before the flyover was built, someone knocked into a tree at the middle of the road. She died on the spot. Apparently she wasn't speeding. Not long ago, another car was speeding, the car ended up at the other side of the road. A young man died on the spot also. This evening at about 10:00PM, a car ended up in the ditch dividing the road. I don't know if anyone was hurt. I was caught in a huge traffic jam and I took these three photos of the accident scene from my moving car...

The new building next to Jesus Christ of Later Day Saint is just visible in the background. Click any picture for a larger view.

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blogwalker said...

I hope noone is injured.But from the look of the impact on the car definitely it can cause serious injury to people inside the car.