Tuesday, May 03, 2011

DAP Appreciation Dinner 2011

DAP appreciation dinner was held last night at Eastwood Valley. There was a total of 514 tables. Despite the heavy rain, the place was packed to capacity and I think at least 95% of the people came!
At the reception area...
Arrival of the "star" of the night, Penang Chief Minister Mr. Lim
The other "star" was no other than the "superman", Mr. Chew or Mr. Su Bird Man!
Appreciation to the parents... presentation of flowers to the parents as parents day will be just a few days away.
Mr. Lim gave a long speech...
... and as usual, his autograph was well sought after! He left at 9:30PM as the plane departs at 10:15PM.
This is just one of the three wings of the restaurant.
At the end, the Ubah mascots were auctioned off and raised almost RM10K!
At the end "superman" decided to put on his pant and the crowd went wild...
He autographed his pant and was also auctioned off. The money raised will be given to support the children cancer foundation of Malaysia. The pant raised RM7,500!
The new YBs introduced themselves. It was almost 11:00PM and I have to leave the place.

All photos are now posted on my facebook. Click here.


reanaclaire said...

What a supportive night!

matthew said...

When Dap's light shines,the hope follows suit.UBAH.