Friday, April 15, 2011

General Election Decision Pointers

Why vote? One vote alone may not mean much but many votes together become a voice to be reckoned with. Let your voice be heard. Let the RAKYAT voice be heard.

Remember that we are indirectly voting for the future which will affect our next generation. One ask for change and another ask for status quo but promise to continue improving.

Change is big issue. Many people don't like change because they are uncertain of the outcome. If status quo, we need to ask whether we are happy with what is currently happening. A few questions may help you to decide:

Do you think our politicians in power are corrupted?
Do you think our civil service is corrupted?
Do you think they are incompetent?
Do you think the people in power set themselves above the law?
Do you think our leadership has lost its way?
Do you think we are getting more united or more divided by race and religion?
Do you think we have a questionable justice system?
Do you think that the current leadership are wasting our wealth?
Do you think our children will suffer more?
Do you want to see a change?


(The above is not my own writing but came in through e-mail)


i e R said...

"do you think", and "do you know" is totally diff statement.

think is no different from assumption.
know, is that you know the fact/statement is accurate.

most ppl think, because they do not know. know the truth helps you vote better, so, go and 'really' meet the person that you going to vote, and try to evaluate his action and sincereness. :) i hope everyone will not make the wrong decision. we do not know what the future hold for us.

Matthew said...

The answers to the questions depends on the political parties.BTW,the election is on tomorrow.All peoples of Sarawak who love this land have to vote wisely for the betterment of our nation,state ,ourselves,our younger generation and even the future of ours.May all voters be firm and vote to safeguard our nation.May they not fall into dirty monetary lure.

chchoo said...

these are noble questions.