Friday, April 08, 2011

DAP Ceremah last night

Last night, the ceremah for DAP was in front of Dr. Teoh clinic near the waterfront. A huge crowd was there. It wasn't over until 11:30PM!  I estimated that there must be around 2000 people.
For SUPP and DAP schedules for tonight, go to the bottom of this blog.
Part of the crowd.
Teresa Kok from Selangor
YB Saifuddin from Kelantan
Tien Chua... famous for allegedly biting the policeman outside the parliament.
I have to say that they are all very good speaker.

Ok, at last SUPP is advertising where their ceremah will be held tonight:
8 April 2010 Speaker from Perak (Advisor to the MB)
7:00PM-8:15PM    9696 Cafe
8:30PM-9:00PM    Sea World Restaurant
9:15PM-12:00PM  Yi Hah Hai Restaurant

7:30PM - Morsjaya Merdeka Mall
7:00PM - Dr. Teoh Clinic near the waterfront (Opposite See Hua)
Anwar Ibrahim
YB Saifuddin Nasution
YB Tian Chua
YB Elizabeth Wong
YB Tan Hock Leong

I encourage you all to go! At 7:00PM... go go go... and make a wise decision on who to vote this time. Being a voter, you must listen to the stories from both side.


Anonymous said...

I thought one of the speakers will be Lim Guan Eng?

mirinidchangeespcineplex said...

Of course vote DAP. that is a no brainer