Sunday, March 06, 2011

New Nikon lineup this week

This week, there will be announcement by Nikon of at least one new DSLR and possibly some Nikon compacts. It seems that the DSLR is a new D5100. However, I have no information about the detailed spec of this camera. Those rumored Coolpix camera(s) could actually be a new Nikon mirrorless system.


peter lee said...

Hi William, peter's here, I have a hard time deciding between Nikon D7000 and Nikon D700. Currently i am using Nikon D60 and thinking to upgrade. Current lenses used are Nikkor 12-24mm f4G DX, 50mm 1.4G ED, 60mm f2.8G ED Micro and 70-200mm f2.8G ED VR

reanaclaire said...

hello William, coming by to catch up with your posts...

William said...

You have the following DX lens:
Nikkor 12-24mm f4G

50mm 1.4G
60mm f2.8
70-200mm f2.8

I think you wait for a few more months for D800 to come out. I think this will be released either this week or in August. So, if digging out RM6500 is not an issue, go for D700/800. Don't buy another DX camera. After you have a FX camera, you will never look back.

William said...

Claire: Thanks. I also need to catch up with your posts.

i e R said...

WT: sadly the D800 wont be out until next year.

peterlee: go D700 and dont look back. u wont regret. or wait a few month because a massive price drop will happen right before D800 announcement(not launch). could be april, could be september.

u still can use the 12-24 with D700, just the sensor will not run in FF, but auto cropped down to 8mp as APS-C mode. or u can sell it and grab a 12-24 FX F4 :)

William said...

i e R: D800 won't be announced until next year? If that is true, then Peter should indeed go for D700 right now.

i e R said...

i cant be sure, but base on Sony lineup(no FF this year), and nikon has been busy with their mirrorless system, both arent focus in FF replacement. but its hard to say. let's wait for april and see what will happen.

William said...

i e R: I understand that the announcement is this Friday. Let's keep our fingers crossed. I hope it is something interesting.

i e R said...

finger crossed :D

also i heard there will be a big nikon event @KL this April (similar to Sony Alpha Convention)

William said...

i e R: I heard something about that event too.

Vincent said...

what lens is suitable to bring during a tour, which has both features for bokeh and landscape?

William said...

Hi Vincent,
My opinion:
Landscape, you need wide angle.
Bokeh, any lens longer than 50mm but with large aperture, eg, 1.4 or 1.8. However, at even longer focal length, the aperture may be smaller and still give you reasonable bokeh.

If you want a single lens to kill all, you can bring the 18-200 (or 300mm). However, this lens is not ideal to give you bokeh unless you use longer focal length.

For a nice bokeh, I suggest 85mm f1.8. This lens can be expensive. But it is quite light.

Other may like to give their opinions.

i e R said...

vincent: well, there is no such thing as best lens. it really depends what u are shooting.

on travel (assuming u mean that) its easy to bring 2 small lenses, say, a medium tele photo 16-135 range, which give really good IQ and u still can get 'decent' bokeh from over 80mm range, then pack on with a 35 F1.8, or a 50mm F1.8 for night shooting purpose, you'll get lots of bokeh from these F1.8 lens. also the F1.8 helps a lot at night ;)

both lens are small and easy to use.

or if u need a long lens (to shoot a bear above the waterfall) then pack a F2.8 kitlen with a normal tele, say, tamron1750 F2.8, cheapest F2.8 in the market, good low light (cant complain) and good decent bokeh too, and a 55-200mm (usually very small compact design lens) for long distance shooting purposes ;)

William said...

i e R: Thanks. Agree with you.

Vincent, what do you have in your hand now? Or if you plan to buy new ones, what is your budget like?