Saturday, March 19, 2011

After 30 long years ...

Time really flies! I have been working here for just under 30 years and was officially "retired" on 16 March 2011! Ok, retire from the job but probably I will do something else. I have many options:
1. Pursue my interest in photography
2. Open an IT shop offering services where my son Jon is an expert
3. Go into food processing
4. IT consultancy
5. Look for a job
I know that many will ask me to take it easy and enjoy life. Unfortunately, I can't do that. Life must go on and I have to make myself useful. In just two days after the so called retirement, I have flu already!


Anonymous said...

Hi, William

Happy Retirement!

Just a sharing. Not advisable to open an IT shop. Too many out there. I would suggest you to offer IT services from home. When business booms, then you can open a shop. Hope i won't offend you. Just my two cents.

Take care and God bless.

Ai Mee

William said...

Ai Mee, thanks. Since you are in this type of business, you should know best! I actually agree with what you say.

Vincent said...

william, business is about offering a better service.
if you think you can, open your own market.

i e R said...

hi WT, go easy on the retirement, first few month is tough with nothing to do, or full of house improvement to fix... :) i'm too young to give u any advise on what do to. instead of looking for fulltime commitment trade for money, you are more like a person who trade time for friendship and respect :) do something that you can give back to society, providing service type, so it wont take too much of your time and still have time for photography! :)

oh, and happy retirement!

William said...

Vincent: I agree with you 100%!
i e R: You are young and very wise ler! I think I need to take it easy a little bit.

chchoo said...

uncle william, happy retirement. maybe you can come back from time to time to contribute your 30 years of shell knowledge.

Sir sc said...

Good luck with it Uncle William!

Retiring doesn't mean stopping, its just another beginning of things you will like to do in life.

just an idea, specialized into photography + IT.

IT itself wont go far as we have too much competitors, unless ah jon can import in for Miri new specs of stuffs comparison price with KL lowyat forum.

William said...

chchoo: thanks and sure!

Sir sc: thanks! Your advice is great! Let me talk to ah Jon. He has lots of ideas.

suituapui said...

Belated Happy Retirement wishes. Stay active, go out and have fun!

Anonymous said...

Willaim,Happy retirement to you.It is too early to retire at 55 yrs.Some just begin their life at teh age of 55 yrs !!
After my life in Shell I still work for many years and now I am 60.Next milestone is 65 yrs if God willing.
Do the job that you like and Glorify Him in all that you do.


William said...

Hi Lisa, thanks for your encouragement! I am looking at multiple possibilities to keep me busy and at the same time make some money. Yes, everything we do, He must be glorified. I hope to work till my last breath!