Thursday, February 24, 2011

Truck Overturned at Pujut/Piasau Roundabout

News 24-Feb-2011 Thursday: Those going to Lutong/Piasau this morning will expect delay and huge traffic jam as a truck had overturned at the Pujut/Piasau roundabout.
From the track on the road, it seems that this driver did not really slow down at the roundabout.
But it is a blessing in disguise for other road users as the truck did not really block much of the road.
Just in case you are curious, the truck was loaded with wood chips. The problem now is the quick cleanup required as it is raining heavily this morning and a big portion of the load had gone into the drain.


matthew said...

good works.

lasapka said...

hmmmm fail to drift is like that..

sintaicharles said...

I saw it this morning. I hope the driver is all right.

sintaicharles said...

I came to your page via Miri Community Forum. Like your blog.

William said...

Matthew: Thanks

sintaicharles: Thanks. I think the driver should be ok lah. Anyway, we shall find out more in the paper tomorrow.