Saturday, February 12, 2011

Open house by Datuk Hii

Last night, Datuk Hii, a very well known local philanthropic, had his open house at Fonsen Sport and Recreation Club.
Datuk Hii
The must have "Yii Sang"
The best part of the open house... sumptuous food for everyone!
Some of his friends!
The highlight of the dinner ... roasted pigs on the spot, lamb and fish! They were...
... fantastic! haha... he can't cut fast enough! Just see the expression of his "customers".
ok... the even better part of the event.. angpow for those above 60 and children.
ok ok... the climax of event... when Jonathan won a prize in the lucky draw.

For more photos, click here for more photos on my facebook.


suituapui said...

So lucky, Jon! Great start to the Rabbit Year! What's in it? Looks like a microwave...

William said...

We all thought that it is a microwave. But no... a vacuum cleaner.