Thursday, February 17, 2011

Expert Thief in Action

Ah Jon related this story to me as he just returned from his Europe tour. One of his group members were "robbed" in a train station.
As his group of four people just disembarked from a train in Paris, they noticed two men also hurriedly  disembarked. Soon, one of the men knocked into one of the girls in the group who was carrying a bag like this on her back...
Later she discovered that her bag was opened and she lost a camera and some cash.
My analysis is that thieves always create distraction like knocking or stepping on your feet. When this happen, the companion will action at lightning speed. We habitually closes zip at the top and the thieves only need to pull the zip outward and the bag is wide opened. Closing the zip at the top is ideal to the thieves because the victim will not feel anything as the zip is being pulled open. Try it yourself.
So, when you go travelling, make sure that you either lock your back bag all the time, or carry it at the front or don't close the zip ending at the top.
What is your best suggestion?


Matthew said...

Put a tiger or crocodile inside.

wenn said...

best to carry the bag in front.

William said...

Matthew: yeah... and snap off the fingers.

wenn: Good idea.

Anonymous: Good habit.

cikgu said...

True that the cuplrit will distract the victim. I saw it once at Bukit Bintang once and experienced it myself when I lost my Blackberry at Midvalley commuter station. There was quite a crowd and while pushing into the crammed train, there was a hard push on my back. I did not suspect anything. When I reach Bandar Tasik Selatan LRT station only i realize my BB is missing. Well, the BB was placed inside the belt pouch. Lesson: Don't wear belt clips for your phone. Its not safe.

William said...


The is terrible! Losing a BB is only material but the data you kept in there is the real lost! Thanks for the tip. Oh, I always us a super cheap mobile. Very little data also.