Tuesday, January 04, 2011

When leaders fight, third party wins!

If you are below 18, this entry may not be suitable for you. It may be too violent.
Very often, we saw leaders engaged in quarrel or fight over something ... position, material, etc. But the question is do they always win, or it is someone else?
I saw 4 dogs this morning, with two large ones engaged  in a desperate fight. I thought one of them is going to be bitten to death.
The brown one is obviously stronger and taller. He locked his jaws in the black one, his front legs held onto the neck... The observer on the left seem to enjoy the show!
... they seem to fight to the death!
... with blood all over the face! The black bitch in the center seems to approve their quarrel, after all, it was all because of her!
At the mean time, the smaller and weaker brown dog seems to lose orientation or was he an opportunist?
Obviously! While the leaders were busy fighting over the bitch, the opportunist jump into action!
... yeah, he seems to tell us that there was no need to fight! Just sit back and watch! Grasp the opportunity when it arises! The Chinese proverb describes this aptly:  鹬蚌相持,渔人得利
As human, is there any lesson we could learn here?


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This series of photos is very interesting.If there is no harmony in us as human,we will indeed lose sight of our main objective.