Sunday, January 16, 2011

Forgetful Snowie

It is interesting to watch the behavior of mother dog. Our Snowie delivered 8 puppies almost 3 weeks ago. Two had since died. After delivery, she put all the puppies under the car. Seeing that it was not safe, I moved them to the higher pavement near the house. Then she quickly moved them back to where they were initially. So, I figured that she wasn't feeling secure.
So, I gave her a box to put all the puppies in. She wasn't happy. She now moved just one of them into a pile of dry tree branches and dry leaves.
After cracking my head, I think she needed something over the head and somewhere dry. I quickly raised the "floor" in the space under the water tank by putting some old newspapers and scraps of paper. I closed one side and left the other side open. (The water tank is placed on top of two concrete structures) This time, she was happy.
After a few days, she moved just four puppies to "somewhere". It took us a while to find them. I found that the place I built for her was damp. So, I rebuilt and she stayed for two days and started moving her puppies again yesterday. Then I realised that it started to rain heavily and thanks God that she seems to know how to do weather forecast. Now, she moved all the puppies to the raised pavement in front of the house.
In the processes of moving, Snowie often seems to move only part of her family around. Did she forget that she has 6 puppies? Or is she expecting the human to help her?
The puppies started to eat solid food yesterday.
The puppies are now available for adoption. Anyone likes to keep dog as pet? I believe they can be good guard dogs as two of them can already bark!

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