Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Everyone has something ...

After six weeks of holiday in Europe, Ah Jon finally returned last night. The two younger brothers were eagerly awaiting for his return because the sisters and Ah Jon promised goodies for them. The three sisters sponsored all the expenses for his brother to visit UK, Paris and Barcelona. After the trip, they are now quite broke!
The younger brothers actually provided a shopping list! Hearing that the baggage was 25kg, Timothy thought that we should empty one of the fridges to stored all the goodies!
The girls bought two duck feather pillows for 10 pounds. We have been thinking of buying such a pillow for a long time but can't get to buy them as they are too expensive here.
Joshua finally got his magic set after pestering the sisters for two years! ...
... the sisters also gave him a piggy bank to save his money as Joshua seems to enjoy spending every cent he has. Oh, Jos is still reading the manual on how to play the magic!
I think Timothy was so obsessed with this colour set that he talk about it everyday. He was trilled to see them!
ok.... instead of wasting their time on TV and computer, they now have this peculiar master puzzle to solve!
Being health conscious, they bought this small bag of pears for the mum! ...
... and this lot of goodies for the brothers.
They didn't forget about me. Knowing that I do a lot of cooking, they bought this gadget for me to handle hot plate, etc from the oven. This mitten can withstand up to 300 deg C.  At first I thought this is something for me to exercise my fingers.
... and finally this bag of jelly for the boys.
Thanks to all the sisters from everyone at home. You have all been very thoughtful and we like everything you all bought.


Janice said...

Oh daddy Esther also chipped in for Jons trip in Paris n Barcelona coz our 'income' come from Steph haha

mousie said...

I thought there was a bag of crisps too. Actually there was another box of cereal but didn't go into the luggage cos too much stuff already. haha.

suituapui said...

So nice... I love getting pressies too! LOL!!!

William said...

Hi Esther, Steph, Janice, all thanks to all three of you for your generosity. Hahaha.. we were so blessed.

Another bag of crisps? I must go and check it out.

STP: Ya, we love them too but too sweet for us. So the kids get to eat most of them.