Thursday, December 09, 2010

Online Scam is getting more professional

Today, there must be quite a lot of people who received official prize notification from Coca Cola Company. I just noticed that the prize announcement is getting more professional in term of presentation. I just hope that no one is silly enough to fall for this scam.
By the way, it is pointing to South Africa again by a Frank James. So, trash this type of mail as soon as possible.

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Twilight said...

These scams are like nagging parasites or internet cancers! They multiply and spread with new innovative ways to con gullible people. My dad was a victim himself to call the number in China who told him he won RM80,000 for nothing!!! He believed them!

Luckily, I protested on time! This Coca Cola piece has yet to reach me but I will be alert, thanks to you! I always receive one from Maybank who keep telling me to log in my email and password to read my updated account. The biggest joke is that I have no Maybank account! Ha ha!