Thursday, December 23, 2010

Old thing new use

At one time, many people had aquarium  at home. If they are like myself, this hobby didn't last for too long as it was very frustrating and not as easy as it seem. However, if one is successful in keeping those fish, it can be very rewarding. I think the major failure is the "know how". The people selling pet fish concentrate on selling but not on education. So soon, the hobby dies and so is their business.
Anyway, I found a good use to the old aquarium. I fill it up with some soil, add water, got some lily and "planted" them in there. After a few days, I bought some of the cheapest fish I could find and put them in. Then my son went to the monsoon drain and brought back more tiny fries. Add the two together and today, this little aquarium is full of fishes.
Little maintenance is required, no pump, no filtration, hardly any food is given as I think I have created a natural eco system for them to survive. I found that my dogs also drink from the tank and I topped it up all the time with rain water.

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Ian said...

That's a cheap & easy way to do it. I use the large pottery pots (holes at the bottom filled up to prevent leaks) for the same thing around the house. Zero maintenance especially when it rains. The fish within will eat any mosquito larvae.