Sunday, December 05, 2010

My Rabbit - the eating machine!

I was instructed not to give too much food to my rabbit to eat. Then one day, I found that my friend's rabbit was so heavy and full of "flesh" under the fur. So, I figured that my rabbit is under nourished.
So, we thought that rabbit should be smart enough to know when to stop eating. Therefore, we gave him a big bunch of kang kong stalk and root. To our surprise, he finished munching the whole lot of kang kong!
We also realised that he is getting smarter. If the door to the cage is not fully latched, he knows how to open the door.
So, one day, when we returned from work, we found the stalk of orchid on the dinning table was reduced to this! Who did it? Of course it was the rabbit! He ate...
the whole stalk of this orchid!
So, he is eating anything... rice, orchid, etc.


Medie007 said...

they can get very very fat if overfed

reanaclaire said...

last time i had a barney too. He shit a lot each day cos of eating too much too! Now my dog is also overweight. . I guess we love to see them chubby. Ha ha

wenn said...

haha..rabbits r non-stop eater :)

Filip Demuinck said...

Smart rabbit

William said...

Medie007: Indeed, that is our worry. But this fellow is forever very skinny and that made us wonder whether his digestive system is just a digestive pipe and can't absorb the nutrient!

Claire: My Snowie seems to be very fat now. What we are not sure is whether she is pregnant again!

wenn: ya, he eats non stop! I suppose they have nothing better to do. So why not just eat if there is food!

Filip: Getting smarter all the time!

Twilight said...

We had many rabbits when we were kids. They were all killed by dogs and cats which mauled and tore them. So gruesome! I remembered the rabbits were big due to the various vegies they ate but not kangkong. Perhaps you can check with the pet shops today. They have so much supplements as well.