Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Miri Christian Community Thanksgiving Dinner

Monday 27-Dec-2010: This evening, there was a thanksgiving dinner organised by the Miri Christian Community to give thanks to all the participating churches for the successful Christmas Parade attended by some 10,000 people. The highlights of the evening...
... a speech by organising vice-chairman, Ven Father Solomon Cheong.
... followed by speech from YB Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Dr George Chan
It was held at the Civic Centre.
We saw the presentation of certificate to each participating church organisation. Followed by presentation of cheque worth RM6814 to each of the three charity organisations, Methodist Home of Hope, Miri Dialysis Centre and children centre.
A souvenir presentation.
Orang Ulu Dance by SIB Bahasa Kayan Pujut 3
Presentation of Ngajat Iban by the Dayak Association.


flower said...

May more lost sheeps found the light of the world and then the shepherd.

小洋 said...

There is a remarkable difference between the photos of Solomon Cheong and George Chan. Both men are in their late seventies; one has a full head of gray hair,but the other still has a head of shining black hair at such an old age. Really amazing!
Usually, only ladies dye their hiar; men don't. Have to ask George Chan what is his secret.

William said...

Could be in the gene.