Saturday, December 25, 2010

GMC Christmas Celebration

(For more photos, click here)
This morning the church celebrated Christmas at Imperial Palace Hotel. It was a Christmas celebration, farewell to both Pastor Law and Pastor Connie.
The worship was done by the youth.
I think there were some 400 who turned up.
Baptism of the children...
... and adult.
Presentation of "Creation" by Primary six group.
Sunday School presentation.
Maggie obviously enjoyed the presentation.
Solo dance (by Cheah Hooi Leow) dedicated to the two leaving pastors.
Choir presentation for the leaving pastors.
Flowers for them....
Finished off with a buffet lunch.


wenn said...

Merry Xmas!

suituapui said...

The true meaning of Christmas - worship and fellowship, love and joy. But many young people these days prefer partying and drinking themselves silly instead. Real sad.