Friday, November 26, 2010

Photography practical class tomorrow, Saturday

Last Saturday, I had gone through the theory aspect of handling the camera. Then, I let all the participants to go back to try for a week and tomorrow, we shall meet again for a guided practical.

Venue: Pujut 7 man-made lake.
Time: 6:00AM (yes, not wrong because we wanted to catch the sunrise over the huge lake)
Date: 27 Nov 2010
Will go only if there is no rain!
How to go there: From Pujut 7, cross the bridge at Pujut 7, drive straight on until a set of traffic light. Turn right at the traffic light. Turn left at the first sandy road on the left. You will see a big lake. The lake is visible from the main road. Click on the image below for the map.
New comer may join but have to pay RM50.

Those interested, you may start to write (williamting (+6012 878 2007) to me. The next lesson will be in Dec. Course fees will be RM100.00 which includes part 1 and 2 below.

The beginner course contents:

Part 1 Theory

  1. How camera works
  2. Camera System - go through the main functions of a camera, explaining in details the various part of a camera and how to control the camera
  3. Digital Imaging - explain how to read the histogram, white balance, noise, etc
  4. Exposure - exposure in details and compensation
  5. Optical - Depth of field explained and how to control it.
  6. Setting up your digital camera
  7. Framing and composition

Part 2 Practical
Self practice at home for at least a week
Guided practical in the field in real life!
The following pictures were taken at the location.

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Hey William,

dropping by again and wishing you a great weekend and god bless.

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