Saturday, October 02, 2010

Shell Centenary Celebration - WHPH

The following are some of photos I took yesterday on the centenary celebration at KRP (Petroleum Recreation Club) Lutong. The celebration kicked off yesterday morning with a treasure hunt followed by an afternoon of work-hard-play-hard event.
Lots of fresh fruits

Games ...

Foods... burger, hot dog, ice cream, etc

Everyone had a good time!

Sand badminton! Irene demonstrated her 'kung-fu" skill...

Japanese wrestling! 

Ball game of a different kind!

Everyone had the opportunity to take a photo dated back to 1910!

Joshua was looking at the gold fish! Each one was sold for RM2.00. He pestered me for money but at the end, he got 4 fishes for free!

Hilarious fashion show... 

He was a hot favorite ... he did a fantastic job!

Lita was showing off at the cat walk!

The Angel...

She was so excited .... at the end, we all laughed until we almost fainted!

Technical knock out!

Jerry was probably the noisiest one at the field! But good... he added life to the games! 

Invisible energy was demonstrated at the tug-of-war. Non participants probably spend just as much energy "pushing"!

yeah... Simon ...

Ok, his team was the overall winner! Congratulations!

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