Sunday, October 03, 2010

Centenary Gala - Party in the Park

Tonight we attended the grand Centenary Gala party at the KRP padang (football field).
Every table had a cake.
The biggest sit down dinner I have ever seen!
A section of the layout
We were entertained ... "flame thrower" by the fire-eaters & fire-jugglers team.
Flame licker!
Touching flame
Miri Orchestra performing
Opening speech by the current chairman ... Annuar
We were being entertained by some famous stars.
Anyone knows who she is?
The grand stand was big and the laser show (blue in colour) was impressive. The pyrotechnics is not world class but definitely an eye opener!
Another singer ...
The crowd went crazy... it was party time!
Many people crowded around the grand stand.
Synchronized fire work....
The firework ran for exactly 10 minutes non stop! It was amazing!
Some of the VIP attending the celebration. From top, clockwise... (ex MD) Datuk Brian Anderson, Datuk Tan Ek Kia, Datuk Lim, Datuk Wee, Zainul Rahim, YB Lee, David Lau, YB Andy Chia.
The kids were entertained by clowns.
(Note: Please do not try out the flame thrower at home. I shall not be held responsible if you try them out!)
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suituapui said...

Wow!!!!! Such a grand affair!!! All the super rich orang-minyak!!! LOL!!! Btw, I saw your pic in Diana's Facebook album...

Filip Demuinck said...

Looks like an amazing event

Bluehyppo said...

Dear William, the pictures were really beautiful. i was on duty too & saw u busied with your camera.

hope to see more of your wonderful pictures.. :)

Anonymous said...

William... I like your blog recording; you can beat the BP reporter lar :D But where goes Ferhad's the singer photo with our sweet girl?


William said...

stp: Yeah...but food was rather awful! It seems that even cooks from 5 stars hotel have problem cooking in a mobile kitchen!

Filip: yes, it was. I think the company spend RM1 million, which is a lot by our standard.

Bluehyppo: Thanks. I will upload them to my fb later.

Malati: Thanks. Hahaha... I will put it up on fb.

Elisha Batuncang said...

Wow, this is a grand event! It's worth more than RM1 million excitement. Hehe.

Reanaclaire said...

wow..what a spectacular night for you all... nice snapshots too!

Cyril Dason said...

Nice shots... and who's that singer (the lady one la)... looking good!!

William said...

Eli, yes, super expensive!

Claire: Thanks.

Cyril: yes... I never knew their names.