Sunday, September 05, 2010

Now everyone can look younger!

"Now everyone can..." has become a popular slogan. So, here is mine... "Now everyone can look younger!". Photo retouching in my younger days meant that I have to sit in front of an easel with a back light and a special retouching pencil. I had to work on a photo for hours to get any good effect. But this was limited to fine lines removal. Now with modern digital technology this job has become easier.
Before retouching ... original
After retouching... clock is turned back some 10-20 years! What do you think?
Oh, if you like yours to be done, please let me know. You can submit to me a clear high resolution image or you can get me to snap the photo for you. With Hari Raya celebration coming up and family reunion, this is an opportune time to have family photos taken.
Retouching will remove fine lines and blemishes and may also change the shape of the face to make the person more handsome or pretty.

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