Saturday, September 11, 2010

Merdeka Mall

We visited the new Merdeka Mall yesterday afternoon...

Ta Kiong will be opening soon as they are now looking for people!
One angle of the mall
Makan is our tradition!
Fancy cybername .. this one is call Cafe World
Wear Us!
A Dream World ... the name actually change colour!
A corner at the ground floor.
APEX Departmental Store seems to be well stocked.
Stylist Selection ... nice layout!
My friend Jackie is smiling all over because ...
he has his futuristic computer store there!
Haven't been there? Go! The aircon is now working properly.


suituapui said...

It certainly looks nice inside. Wow! Ta Kiong is growing bigger and bigger - already in Spring, Kuching...and now spreading to Merdeka Mall, Miri. Money must be rolling in like nobody's business...

Anonymous said...

Hi William, What is Ta Kiong selling?

William said...

Iris: Imported goods.