Thursday, September 30, 2010

About English word

I overheard my colleague talking about a computer about to expire. What she meant was that the warranty is about to expire. So, what is the meaning if we say someone has expired? Well, it means that the person has breath his/her last. Or he/she is dead!


suituapui said...

Ya...I thought her computer was going to "die". It seems that they do manufacture things these days to last for a certain period of time only - not forever...or at least, the parts will start to spoil.

I see the young people talking about how their laptops have "died"... Of course lah...all the abuse, non-stop playing online games, how not to die?

William said...

STP: hahahaha... you are right. In fact, manufacturer purposely made things to last for only a certain period of time. They will probably die immediately after the warranty is over!

Anonymous said...

[IT]One day I passed by the IT Services office. A colleague saw me and said "Hey I saw you PASSED AWAY this morning!". I was stunned.