Tuesday, August 24, 2010

庆中元 Ghost Festival

These were photos taken this evening at the Tua Pek Kong temple in town.
Lots of people
Burning of paper money
Devotees ...
To ask for blessing
Perhaps prosperity
There were two items for auction in the evening. This 平安灯"lamp of peace" was hung high above the bamboo tree and the starting price was RM5,000. Finally, someone bought it for RM10,800 (US$3,400). The other item was what they call 黑金"black gold" and was finally sold for RM8000 (US$2,500). Both item promises good luck, prosperity, wealth and health for the owner.


suituapui said...

Wow! So grand! Dunno if they have anything like this here. Never bothered to go out and see. Nice pics!

Anonymous said...

[IT] I can't believe this happened in Miri, people bought the lamp at RM10K and black gold at RM8K. Is it worth?

MaryMoh said...

Thanks very much for visiting my blog. Your blog is very interesting. Wonderful to know what's happening back home in Miri. I must come back often to check it out. Thanks very much for sharing.

William said...

mica: True...so many people. If I didn't visit my neighbour who was worshiping at the roadside, I wouldn't have known about the event in town.
stp: I didn't wait for the event to finish... I was a bit scare!

IT: yes, don't believe it but true.

Mary: Your blog is also very interesting and informative.