Thursday, July 08, 2010

Stephen Pang moving on ...

After almost 30 years in Shell, Stephen finally decided to move on to greener pasture.
Moving on to greener pasture is something that is unthinkable for many people especially after staying on in a company for such a long time. But he took the courage and move on. I wish him all the best and may the greener pasture gives him more satisfaction and happiness for many more years to come.
He appreciates the hard work put in by the secretaries... Bibi Gawan and others
Secretaries and Belinda (Stephen's wife second left). Bibi, Matzini, Esther
Ivy and Veronica (daughter)

Elizabeth Jala and Stephen.

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Matt said...

Ah... I've heard of him intending to leave years ago.. Finally he did it! Hmm, where's he heading to?