Friday, June 18, 2010


When average performers have had enough for the day and call it quits, champions are usually just getting started. Discipline is the watchword of great performers. Discipline makes the difference between the good and the great. The great ones will tell you discipline is more of a decision than it is an active skill. It's the ability to stay the course and complete promises you've made. The fulfillment of these promises builds confidence and self-esteem, which eventually leads champions to believe almost anything is possible. It's a habit and a self-fulfilling prophecy built into one. Discipline is a logic-based decision that performers adhere to, regardless of whether they feel like it or not.
Discipline pushes performers past pain and punishment. As my late business partner and mentor Bill Gove always said, "It's easier to get yourself into good thinking than it is to think yourself into good action." This is the mindset of the champion. The great ones, like Bill Gove, don't let feelings interfere with their performance. Instead, they harness the power of their emotional motivators to propel them past the competition. Average people see discipline as a painful chore to be avoided at all costs. The world class sees it as the ultimate power tool for performance.
Action Step for Today:
On a scale of 1 to 7, 7 being most disciplined, how disciplined are you in the different areas of your life?
Categories include:
• Business/ Career
• Family/ Friends
• Money/ Finances
• Recreation/ Fun
• Health/ Diet/ Exercise
• Faith/ Spiritual
• Personal/ Development


Terence Then said...

Out of 7, I think I have merely 2.

suituapui said...

I think I will score quite high...except for Health/Diet/Exercise...almost 0! Hahahahahaha!!!!

Thomas C B Chua said...

U have taken the ideas right out of my mind! Cannot agree more with u.