Thursday, April 29, 2010

Retire young to live longer!

This is an extract from:

Optimum Strategies for Creativity and Longevity
By Sing Lin, Ph.D.

Longevity Vs. Retirement Age
(if you are too busy, just read the recommendations)
... people who take early retirements at the age of 55 tend to live long and well into their 80s and beyond. These earlier retirees probably are either wealthier or more able to plan and manage their various aspects of their life, health and career well such that they can afford to retire early and comfortably.
These early retirees are not really idling after their early retirements to get old. They still continue doing some work. But they do the work on the part-time basis at a more leisure pace so that they do not get too stressed out. Furthermore, they have the luxury to pick and chose the types of part-time work of real interest to them so that they can enjoy and love doing that “fun” work at a more leisure pace.
The late retirees are small in number, tend to die quickly after retirement and disappear from the population of old people beyond the age of 70. Late retirees, therefore, have very little weight on the statistical average life expectancy of the population of “old people” dominated by the early retirees.

Conclusion and Recommendations
However, when you get older, you should plan your career path and financial matter so
that you can retire comfortably at the age of 55 or earlier to enjoy your long, happy and leisure retirement life into your golden age of 80s and beyond. In retirement, you can still enjoy some fun work of great interest to you and of great values to the society and the community, but at a part-time leisure pace on your own term.
On the other hand, if you are not able to get out of the pressure-cooker or the high-speed battleground at the age of 55 and “have” to keep on working very hard until the age of 65 or older before your retirement, then you probably will die within 18 months of retirement. By working very hard in the pressure cooker for 10 more years beyond the age of 55, you give up at least 20 years of your life span on average.


wenn said...

then i should retire as early as possible..

William said...

nature: Make sure that you practice it.

wenn: Yes, and don't forget to enjoy life.

suituapui said...

Ah...I would live till over 80 years old then! LOL!!!

William said...

STP: You are right! But make sure that you enjoy life now.