Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Be prepare for the rainy days

A friend related this to me:
His son's friend received a call from the mother asking him to return home immediately because she could no longer support his studies. The father had recently been killed in an accident in Miri. So the son complied and return home. I think this decision was too hasty and she killed the golden goose because she couldn't afford to buy food.
On the other hand, a church friend lost her husband through an accident when she was barely 30+ some 20+ years ago. She had no skill and had no income and he left her with 5 or 6 children. She struggled by making kuih muih (cakes, sweet, etc) for an income. She supported all her children through university.
The question now is, do you save for rainy days when your harvest is still good? If you are not working and suddenly the breadwinner is gone, what is your backup plan?


suituapui said...

Yes, we do not know what tomorrow have to be prepared always!

The Brook's Steward said...

A grand-aunt was widowed before WW2 with at least 8 mouths to feed. How she managed to fend for herself and children especially during the war is a miracle. Not only did they grow up well, they (now my aunts and uncles) went on to respectable jobs, have decent homes, went to church, and now in their old age have grandchildren. Only God knows what grand-auntie went through. Who said pastors kids have it easy?

William said...

Indeed there are a lots of great stories to tell. It depends on our determination and faith in God.