Saturday, March 06, 2010

Saturday, brute force and etc

Joshua has "program" and needed to be in school by 7:00AM. So, I sent him to school after I bought for him one plate of mee kolok + extra mee. He said, wah... big plate! Yes, I just knew that you can actually buy extra large plate - I mean with extra mee or extra ... whatever! Then, I bought two "pau" for him for his lunch.
While I was at his school, I saw demolition work taking place at Mei Ann Methodist Church. This claw looks primitive... but the force it delivers is simply amazing...
... it chewed through thick steel reinforced pillars like matchstick! I will post more pictures later.
I went to the market to buy veggie... it was so cheap... I bought my weekly supply, cannot say how much I bought just in case you fainted!
By 8:00AM, the wholesales market business was more or less done!
Oh... today, the air pollution was at it best for so many days. I actually went out to cycle around our community here.
... and finally, after so many years without a water pump, we decided to install this one... made in Italy. It looks small but it is very powerful or enough for my use in this household. So, cannot judge anything by its look. Oh, I bought it from Protrade in Pelita, opposite the fruit market or near to Dr. Cheu clinic. If you need one, just look for Alex, the towkay who happen to be my buddy also!


Sarawakiana@2 said...

Very interesting.

Janice said...

joshua is such a big eater! wa daddy cycled? keep it up!!


LOOK AT THE PUMP! IT IS INTERESTING! I shed manly tears when bathing now.