Sunday, March 14, 2010

Exhausting and Busy Weekend

I had been very busy over the weekend. I should say that I was completely exhausted after a long photo shooting away from town. Having to carry my D3 and Hassy plus an assortment of lens was really no fun. Just these two cameras along already weigh some 5KG! Plus a sturdy tripod ... my back almost broke. I had never sweated so much in my whole life!
Anyway, this is one of the shots! Hope you like it. I will not be posting many photos this time until, perhaps until end of this month.
Three ladies I met during the night walk.
Forgot his name, a Foochow, who served me breakfast!
A friendly face amongst the flower.
Stanley, an Iban educated in a Chinese medium school and can speak fluent Mandarin and can understand foochow. He showed me around.
p/s: None of these photos had been retouched.


i e R said...

aiya... i plan to go there for shooting, care to join me? :P

btw, i heard there are very little people who joined the competition, is that true? if so, i might wan to join :P

post more picturesss :D

William said...

ieR: Not sure whether I can join you.

I went there last week and it was very difficult to take picture of that place. You really need a lot of patient and you won't cover a lot in a day.

Anonymous: E.T. LOL... I never thought about that! You are right!

Bengbeng said...

his name is Wilson i think. yr waterfall pic is outstanding. the place is beautiful n all that but it was difficult to get nature shots in a day coz i dont like to walk around so much with the cam n it is warm n humid in the jungle

William said...

Bengbeng, thanks. you are right, I perspire like crazy. I drunk so much water and my clothing was socking wet!

You need min 2-3 days to snap. I came back and reviewed my photos and have to reject most of them because I am not expert in macro. Even the remainder of the macros didn't meet my requirement.

Bengbeng said...

I have difficulty in getting pics for the infrastructure bit... i got some nice macro shots.. especially of the spider n web but i noticed many others were taking the same thing.

I will probably not participate in the competition unless i can go down for another trip.

William said...

Bengbeng, maybe you should come another time and stay longer! But Sibu is quite a distance away!
My problem now is to select my photos.