Tuesday, March 02, 2010

David Copperfield in Miri

This morning, as I looked out of my window, I thought I was in fairy land. It was white everywhere!
On looking out of my window, the visibility was only 50-100 feet!
Driving out of my house... we could hardly see 50 feet ahead!
Along Pujut main road...
The flyover in Pujut was invisible. My wife was asking... is the flyover here?
As I approached the school in town, at 6:40AM, the Bintang Shopping Complex was invisible from the main road!
The sun lost it power near Miri-airport bypass!
Notice that the lamp post was invisible.
The smog (or haze) in Miri this morning was the worse I have ever witnessed! Was it the magic of David Copperfield who had made everything disappear in front of you? Of course not! It must be the burning by the developer or land clearing for plantation nearby. Could it be that the law is helpless as charging them is far too difficult? Or no one is reporting the burning? Or, well, better still, the smog came from neighbouring countries.
By the way, open burning is the cheapest and most efficient way to remove debris from land clearing. The authority must be very sympathetic to them.


wenn said...

haze again! my goodness!

Evelyn said...

could it be because the drastic hot and dry weather these days has dried up the grass and eventually making it catch fire?

William said...

wenn: Yes, the irony is that the pollution was only 75!! This was almost a perfect score, ie, no haze. Was there a conspiracy somewhere?

Evelyn: Not possible. Fire doesn't simply start without a spark.


Awesome haze I didn't know about.


Malaysia Boleh...

suituapui said...

Omigawd!!! Heard on the news - two permits for open burning given and then withdrawn. Think people don't care - just go ahead!! That's really terrible. Ok here in Sibu...still!!!

sunflower said...

Sibu her not that bad, just hot weather, we still go jogging.