Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Black beauty of the wild

I saw this super shy black beauty in the wild! It is highly poisonous. It is staying in a hole lined with "gold"! Anyone like to guess what is this and how this picture was taken? No prize but I will let you know the answer on April fool day.


i e R said...

marco through a fences... SP90?

Danny Sia said...

One local earth tiger tarantula =x
whr u take this picture at? i would like to catch this fella hahaha

William said...

i e R: Nope... hahaha

Anonymous: Hahaha... If this fella is a bee, I will have to run for my life!

Danny: Since you would like to catch, I must now keep it top secret as I am a nature lover!

Danny Sia said...

Our local sp Tarantulas are getting lesser and lesser!!

This is the chance to catch them and breed them in captivity then pass it around to other hobbyist to raise the slings aka baby tarantulas to adult then continue the generation again. Releasing them into nature = one way to hell. just my thoughts.