Thursday, March 25, 2010

Beautiful Miri

I like Miri... a place that is not too big nor too small. I could get most things I need. Worse, I just order them through the mail. One thing for sure, I dare not compare it with Sibu when prepared food is concerned. It is so expensive here.
I like the beach... especially the sunset....
... and the park where there are plenty of flowers.



suituapui said...

You mush join this contest:
With your beautiful photos of things of interest and places in Borneo, you stand a good chance... Good luck!!!

William said...

STP: Thanks. Sign up already. If I got a big prize, surely you will have a huge makan from me!

fan: nice wording! Thanks.

wenn said...

indeed beautiful!

Aradia said...


I'm always looking forward to view more photographs of enchanting Miri from you.

William said...

wenn: Thanks.

Aradia: Thanks. Come back often. You also keep up your good blog!

Anonymous said...

I think your watermark is terribly disturbing. TOOO BIG!!!

The background of your second picture is totally blown out. What kinda pic is this???

D3 user said...

Frankly speaking... I dont think you should submit those pics! Please don't disgrace hasselblad and nikon d3 users!

William said...

Anonymous: Thanks for your comments. Background totally blown out? I purposely have it blown out. Perhaps you also need to humble yourself to appreciate other people's work. Not all food served in every restaurant suit your taste but many others enjoyed it.

D3 user: I suppose you are the same person as above. Submit those pics who whom?
Once someone commented that I used my D3 as a point and shoot camera. I told him that if I have a Ferrari, why should you care whether I drive it on race track, or free way or motorway? It is non of your business! Perhaps you like to show me your work by leaving your link.