Wednesday, March 03, 2010

2nd Day in Miri

This morning, the smog in Pujut was slightly better than yesterday.
Along Pujut Road, the visibility was better compared to yesterday...
However, at Boulevard, it was bad again. The hypermarket was just a black patch!
At Riam, we could see the sun ...
Along the Miri-Airport bypass, it was as bad as yesterday.

Needless to say, the See Hua newspaper dedicated a few pages to the smog in Miri. The huge burning was just clearly visible from Canada Hill. According to the paper, it was the oil palm plantation, wild fire and small holders carrying out open burning.
Apparently, they have license to burn!! So, what is the use of our laws? Are the authorities making a mokery of themselves or the law is full of holes that is subjected to interpretation? I can tell you that I am disappointed with the irresponsible corporates and the failure to implement laws by our authorities. Or are laws being implemented in a selective manner?
p/s: There are good large corporate bodies as well who are responsible.


suituapui said...

SIGH... When will they ever learn? Year in, year out...the same story!

^SpRInG^ said...

Unfortunately, the law is always implemented or enforced in a way that always benefit those who are willing to pay, and not in any justice. After all, this is Malaysia that we are talking about. But it is really good that people continue to speak up and voice up, through blogs, and alternative media, to continue to educate others along the way.

FM Luder said...

Wow! Looks like the fog you get over here.