Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Insurance policy

Yesterday, I wasted valuable time trying to get my car insurance done. My oldest cars are 28, 22 and 19 years old. Any cars above 20 years old will have problem buying insurance unless they also bundle in Personal Accident. But then, not many wanted to sell!
I made a few phone calls and finally found one company who is willing to sell 3rd party for my good old cars. We maintain them so well that even at 28 years old, it can outperform a Proton which is 10 years old!
Do you know that Post Office sell only 100 3rd parties a day nation wide? They normally sell through the post office. Yet again, they are limited to sell one or two 3rd party at each post office and in the morning only. Kurnia will not entertain at all!
More will be reported after I have successful buy the insurance and pay the road tax.

Updates: I said wrongly earlier that MAA won't entertain. In fact they are the only one from whom we can buy everything. So, I got my road tax renewed today! Next time, just go to MAA at Center Point 2 facing the main road!
We have been buying from MISG for the last 20+ years and they now dumped us! :-(
My friend has a Toyota HiLux double cabin and he needs to install a GPS before they gave him insurance. That is from MAA also. This must be a high risk car!


Sarawakiana@2 said...

Ask most old people and they will say bad things about Insurance agents!!

I think young people have to be very careful when they buy insurance.

And most Miri insurance agents must buck up too.

thanks for pointing out the situation. I may have the same trouble soon too with my 21 year old bomb......

Have you tried SPChin? Krokop.

suituapui said...

So far I have not had any problems with mine - both over 10 years, a 1st generation Proton Saga and a 1st generation Proton Wira. The saga's 3rd party...

Kong said...

If you buy your other insurance like house fire etc from the same company, they will usually also sell you the old car insurance.

Kong said...

Old people often have bad thing to say about insurance company partly out of ignorance. If you know what are the terms and condition, there will be less unpleasant surprises later. And it is an undeniable fact that as long as you know what you are buying, insurance can be very useful.

William said...

CY: Buying insurance is not that bad. We have no idea which one is good or bad cos in a few years time, the strong may just collapse!

STP: no problem with "young" cars! Hahaha

Kong: Old people? Hahaha... Thanks God that I don't call myself old. So, I always buy what is needed only. I don't just buy other insurance if there is no need, eg, home content as everything is now too old to be of any value except the warm bodies! Hahaha.

chchoo said...

William, I had excellent experience buying insurance from MAA. They even deliver the policy to Lutong office.

Ian said...

The problem is that the insurance companies apparently never know the difference between "well maintained" and "neglected" from "old" and "new".

Well-maintained old cars (like yours) are better off than some new cars in many cases - a friend of mine bought a car of a particularly popular local make and not surprisingly it developed some noises - upon bring it back to the service center not 2 weeks later, they discovered that it had incorrect absorbers installed from the factory!! What if the wheels fall off the "brand new" car due to this blatant oversight??

Here's another example: A guy I know was sideswiped by an idiot in a 2 year old Avanza at a junction (he was stopped before the line, but the guy lost control and plowed into him) because the idiot had a flat previously and changed to a "donut spare wheel" which is smaller and thinner but still drove like it is on all normal tires. In the rain.

Given such negligence that idiot should be blacklisted or have to pay a much higher insurance premium even though his car is "new", it does not automatically guarantee it is "safe" on the roads!!