Saturday, January 09, 2010

Today through my camera

Early today (Saturday 9 Jan 2010), we brought Tim to his school for his orientation. So, I brought along my camera to practice...(yes, to practice!)
Assembly hall where all the students congregated.
Later we went over to Taman Awan to take some photos. I am not very good in selecting the best shot. So, nowadays, I limit the number of shots I took to avoid headache later!
My neighbour's orchid sticking out of the chain linked fence...
This is a male flower of our own winter melon in our own backyard.
This huge bunch of banana belongs to my other neighbour, uncle Gilbert. This banana is meant for cooking although it can be eaten raw. Just like overseas, whereby they have cooking apple and we have cooking banana here.
p/s: I am "playing" with post processing. How do you like the above "manipulated" photos? Comments are welcome.


Gabriel said...

owh...did u edit the contrast and level?

William said...

Gab: No lah. I just brighten or darken the selected area. Eg, for the flowers, I darken the background and then highlight the flowers.

wenn said...

lovely shot!

ShAKirA CHOONG said...

Great photos. Can you take these photos using a digital camera?

Have you a great week ahead.


William said...

Wenn: Thanks.

ShAKirA: Thanks. Yes, I am using my digital camera to take all my photos. Film are too expensive to use and so my film camera is laid idle.

You have a great week ahead also.