Sunday, January 24, 2010

HSBC Miri 2010 Annual Dinner

I was invited by my friend, Angie, to do photoshoot for her company's annual dinner.
Angie ...
Arrival of lady Gaga... she is so sporting!
The advantage of a small company is that everyone is like a member of a family!
Game time...she was imagining that her finger is a lipstick!
...and a happy moment as they received their prizes!
... they were also very happy even when there was no prizes to be given out!
A group photo...
Lucky him!
They could really pose very well!
Thanks for inviting me to record this event for you all. They were a great group of people and the evening were so relaxing and filled with laughter throughout.

I have included Photoscape 3.4 in the DVD of photos so that you can all "play" with the photos! Have fun!


Lucas Chong (HSBC MIRI) said...

thank you very much =)

William said...

Lucas, you are more than welcome! I hope I can take pictures for more people!