Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Alaskan Fish fillet?

Everyone must be very familiar with the so called Alaskan Fish being sold in many supermarkets.
The price could be as low as RM6.90! But...
... they are covered with a thick layer of ice. I found that more than half in weight actually went to the ice! Ok, the objective of this article is not about the ice but the source of the fish? Are they really Alaskan?

I bought one whole box of this fish before and found that they are actually from Vietnam and not Alaska!! This Vietnamese fish has penetrated the European and the US market and brought in a revenue of some US$2 billion a year!

This is actually a type of cat fish. And you will be surprised, they look exactly like the pading fish you find in the market. Click here to find out what I mean! The local version reared in pond is simply too fat as they have been overfed.

This fish is quite oily and the westerners fried them with thick batter for fish and chip. For me, I found that it tasted quite good if I grilled them in oven after sprinkling a bit of herb like rosemary on top of the marinate.


Sarawakiana@2 said...

I think we have to be very careful with what we buy in the hypermarket or supermarket these days.

If I am not wrong this is the fish which has quite a bad press recently. Read up on Dory Fish too.

Although many would buy fish and chips gladly one has to be really careful what fish has been used. I would only trust fish caught by the English and best fish are still those fresh ones from the market and straight into our own pot!

Always eat fresh fish is therefore the best guide line.

suituapui said...

Fresh fish is so expensive these days...but I'm not really into these imported fish fillet. Not as nice...