Thursday, December 24, 2009

Still Birth - all babies died

I blogged about the number of babies that Snowie is going to deliver. Well, she got into problem with the delivery and ended up with all the babies dead - one yellow, 1 black, one spotted yellow and white and one white.
The babies got stuck inside her for many days and we tried very hard to save Snowie whereby we could do nothing for the babies. The babies came out one a day!
So, she was given 3 days supply of steroid (anti inflammatory) and antibiotic for obvious reason. She also got a jab of antibiotic. When the first batch of drug finished, we went to get a new supply because Snowie looked very sick and continuously gave out foul discharge. She was given antibiotic, steroid and appetite enhancer. Now she has been eating quite well and very much alive. I should say that she is now out of danger. As I am going away for the next few days, Ah Jon, mummy and the two small boys had a go administering the drug to Snowie.
She was looking at me wondering why it wasn't me feeding medicine!
Ah Jon pushed his thumb and first finger into her jaw in order to open to the mouth.
Ah Jon put the medicine into her mouth. Mistake here...he must lift the mouth upward and drop the medicine to the back of her tongue!
She spitted out the medicine immediately. Ah Jon tried again... but you can see that she was very uncooperative.
After a few try, she refused to open her mouth ... as if saying...I hate the medicine!
Ok, Ah Jon didn't put the medicine deep enough...
... so he tried to open the mouth a little ...
... and fed her with some water so that she would swallow the last medicine.
Ah Jon held her mouth, she swallowed, thinking that the medicine had really gone down. He let her off but immediately she spitted the medicine out.
Ok, I took over. Within second, the medicine was swallowed.
This afternoon, mummy and the two boys struggled with her for 15 minutes, trying to get her to swallow the medicine. She ran all over the place and by the time she finally swallowed them, the pills were all "melted".

To feed medicine to dogs, push a finger from each side of the jaw. Grab hold of the lower jaw with the two fingers and lift the head upright. The mouth will automatically open. Drop the medicine to the back of the tongue and hold the mouth shut for a few seconds or until you feel the swallow. Otherwise, open the mouth a little bit and pour in some water. Hold the mouth until the dog swallows. Is there a better way than this?


suituapui said...

I don't like dogs...but so sad to hear about the puppies.

Cynthia said...

sorry to hear abt the puppies.. she must be sad too! and so much work to just feed her med ya.. :p

wenn said...

oh dear..anyway, merry xmas!

Ghosty Nana said...

Another good way is put the medicine into his or her favorite food, or food he/she will only want to eat at the moment (such as hotdog), then no need force to make the dog eat the medicine.
However I think this way only implied on big dog, who tend to swallow the food without much chewing. My shihtzu at home, she able to find the tiny medicine n her food.

William said...

STP: I haven't got any dog for >20years now. Ya, a little troublesome but worth it.

Cynthia: For me, it took me 10 sec to feed the med! Hahaha...

wenn: Merry Christmas to you too.

Ghosty Nana: If the dog has no problem eating you can then put the medicine in the food. But for this one, she lost her appetite completely. So, have to force her to eat raw egg daily and medicine. Otherwise, she may just die.